Girls. metro male. no metro male? And why?

I'm all out on this one. I'm shaving. I'm dressing. I'm using all kinds of product. I'm obsessed with my hair. I'm shopping. I'm eating healthy. I'm not gay though. what do you all think? I wanna know what's up !


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  • Taking care of yourself doesn't mean you're gay.. It means you value yourself & fake pride in your health & appearance! Good job!!

    • yea I know it's not gay. I have just heard from other people that they think it's gay. yeah you're right. it's keeping up and caring more about you.

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    • yea I always do. I mean right down to keeping my fingernails clean to brushing my hair to washing my face.

    • That stuff should be the minimum requirements! I'm not into guys that get waxed or facials.. But at least just keep yourself CLEAN lol

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  • It's a definite yes. Sorry but I can't stand an unkempt man. It's also necessary because you will attract equally stylish women. So keep it up 👍

  • All good qualities. I like a man who's stylish. 👍🏻


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