Which of these lipsticks looks best with this dress?

My cousin is getting married this coming Friday and I'm going to the wedding with some other family members of mine because my parents can't go. So, I have my dress but I'm not sure which lipstick would goes best with the dress and my skin tone. I tend to like darker lipstick at times but due to having fair skin, I sometimes feel I look like a vampire in a darker color lol. However, when I where a much lighter color I worry it's too light and that it makes me look not as bright and cheery (if that makes sense lol). Anyway, I just thought I'd get some opinions from everyone on here.

I took a picture of the dress and put each lipstick color on my hand, so it can be seen against my
skin tone.

Here's the dress:
Which of these lipsticks looks best with this dress?And, here's the lipsticks
Which of these lipsticks looks best with this dress?
First color is called Dark Wine (one of my favorites)
Second color is called Pure Pose (another favorite of mine)
Third color is called Beige
Fourth color didn't come with a name but as you can see it's very light and as a tint to it.
Fifth color is a lip gloss called Stay my Rose and is a pinky color with some sparkle to it.

Which do you think looks best all around?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think you would look best in the one directly in the middle just in general

    • buy yeah since your and older mature woman I like the dark red. i never really find it attractive on younger women for some reason tho.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Yay 😊 I remember your post about going to the wedding, I'm glad you've been able to make it work.
    I love the pure rose, it's a lovely colour but if you're feeling confident I'd go the dark wine

    • Thanks, me to. I'm excited about going but also nervous. I don't ever really feel confident lol but I do like to wear dark wine sometimes.

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