whats more attractive, an athletic lean body with some muscle and a tapered waist, or a lot of muscle mass and large muscle groups?

I'm only saying this because on women I don't always prefer big everything. Is it the same deal with males? I guess it would just come down to preference I suppose.

I was thinking if I should just start taking some shakes and getting bigger with weights, but it wouldn't necessarily aid me in the hobbies of mine (see my profile if you care to know).

I'm pretty experienced with gaining and losing weight so hit me up with some honest answers :)


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  • I prefer a guy with a lean body and some muscle definition, but not too much. Even a little chub in the middle is nice. I've never found myself attracted to guys with large muscles.


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  • Honestly both types are pretty attractive, but generally I prefer the athletic lean body.

  • well on a guy, I prefer a lot of muscle mass with large muscle groups but a lean athletic body can be sexy too. I've been attracted to guys with various body types but a guy with a lotta muscle mass and big guns will make me be like 'DAMN'

    what would you classify someone like reggie bush or like the average football player? that's the kind of bodies I like

    • Well, my sport is boxing and a bit of B-Ball. In boxing you have to have 0 fat, and be strong as well. Basketball is similar but demands less muscle.

      An example of someone lean would be Floyd Mayweather (just google image these)

      An example of someone big and bulky would be well, any body builder really. I know most people think roid heads look funny so kind of picture that only 50%.

    • Oh yeah, Reggie Bush? he's just a big dude. I guess he's bulky, but not really for his frame size. It doesn't seem like that guy has any problems touching his toes.

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