NTLDR is Missing?

Am I need a windows recovery tool?

what about this website “ www.windowsrecoverys.com”?

it sounds a good site!


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  • No, If NTLDR was truly missing Windows would not boot. This is scareware. All it is is a fake popup window that looks like a virus scanner telling you have a problem only their software can fix so you pay $50 (or whatever they charge) for software that looks fancy but does nothing (except perhaps install more crap on your computer). It's a scam.

    Don't fall for this!


    • Thank you for your answer.It is not a virus scanner,I just want to find the solution.It is a legal site,I heard that it has some good tools,so I want to know whether anyone have tried that tool.Thank you all the same .

  • I have no idea what you're trying to ask. Please use full coherent sentences to ask exactly what you would like information on.


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