Could you help me find out my body type?

Hi. So there's a lot of posts about this and also a lot of websites and claculators for body types, but Im still not sure which one I have.
So, I'd say Im sorta skinny, definitely petite, 5'2, and around 99 pounds. And my measurements (in inches) are:

Shoulders - 34
Chest- 32
Waist - 22
Hips - 35

Also, if some girls who have similar measurements could help me find high waisted jeans that actually fit right, I'd really appreciate it.


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  • Hi! I'd say you're petite for sure. I am 6 feet tall and have similar measurements to yours (chest - 33". waist - 23". hips - 34") I get all of my jeans at American Eagle and they fit wonderfully.

    • ooh! I've never tried American eagle (I can't find it where I live) but maybe Ill go check it out.
      Also, what size do you wear, if you dont mind telling? And do the pants actually get snug and fit right at your waist, cause thats what I usually struggle with?

    • I bet you could order some online. I wear 0 extra long and they fit perfectly around my waist. You'd probably fit 0 regular or 0 short.

    • Thank you :)

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