How to accentuate white and latina features?

Ethnicity-wise, I'm Chinese but I'm 1/8 Russian and Peruvian as well. I definitely look Asian with my black hair, brown eyes and an Asian complexion, and I'm not rejecting this; I'm actually really proud of my heritage. Yet, I have really high cheekbones that protrude upwards outwards (not common in Asians, more of an Eastern European trait), a rather high nose bridge, very big (double lidded) eyes and curly/wavy hair. Unfortunately, minus the bone structure, I have an Asian girl's body; small breasts and little curves.

This question isn't meant to be offensive in any way and please don't tell me to "love to way I look" because all I'm trying to do is ask how to "own" my look and accentuate my mixed heritage a bit more so that I can be a bit more unique. Right now I just look like an Asian with very "extreme" features.


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