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Ladies I like this guy and I wanted to know what I can do to intensify my eye makeup so it looks really sexy and exotic I usually use eyeliner at the top of my eyelashes and then mascara but what can I do to make my eyes pop. I have brown eyes by the way.


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  • I have brown eyes too and the typical natural exotic look. It’s crucial that you find the right foundation colour before anything else. The even skin tone will help emphasize your eyes more and help settle your skin tone. Use a dark shade of blush to contour and emphasize your cheek bones, to get that exotic finish, highlight your upper cheek with a light shimmer blush. For the eyes, use the light shade on the entire eyelid, follow with a medium shade on lower part up to the crease, and blend the colours to create a natural look. To complete the look, follow with a dark shade on the corner to create depth. If you're going for a typical black, brown or gray smoky eye, apply liner in one of those colors above the upper lash line, drawing line thicker in the middle of eye. If your opting for a jewel-toned eye (violet makes a gorgeous smoky eye), line eyes with a purple, blue or deep green liner. For color on the bottom, you'll want a lighter eyeliner. The key is to "smudge it." You can also apply a bit of shadow to get full smudge effect. Try pairing a lighter base with the darker hue. I prefer a nice cream shade for the base. Sweep a light, shimmery shadow over the lids to your browbone.

    Use the liquid eyeliner and carefully apply it near your lash line and make sure that you create a thin line rather then a thick one. This will make your eyes look HUGE and make them pop. THe application of a thicker eyeliner would make your eyes seem smaller rather then bigger. Mascara will defintly help you intensify your eyes. Make sure you don't over use it other wise you'll get clumps and that'll make your eye look rough. One simple coat of mascarra will be enough to finsih the detailed exotic/intense eye look.

    Hopefully this helped. Goodluck.


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  • Well depending on your skin tone.

    Use eyeshadow or liner in grey, black, navy blue, neutral chocolate brown, or chocolate brown with a hint of red, pink-brown, grey-brown. You can also use paler or medium versions of these shades as eyeshadow.

    If you have olive skin try to avoid natural browns such as khakis and yellow browns - they won't emphasize the eyes but the yellow in the skin.

    Also a good mascara goes a long way - you want your lashes to be defined, but don't go over-board on the volumizing or curling ones. Try them out and find out which works best for you and the look you want. Also, check colours - a brown mascara is often more subtle but as effective as a black.

  • pale lilac with brown eyes can look great depending on skin tone. You could try doing a little flick out in the outer corners of your eyes with eyeliner (liquid works best for a thin neat line).