Thinking about buying a corset, where is a good place to buy from, any tips?

I dont want anything to extreme I just love the look. I have looked local but haven't had much luck finding anything.


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  • Adam and Eve some places like that sexual stuff


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  • It really depends on your budget, body shape, and what you plan to use it for. If you want to do waist training, you'll need a better quality corset and custom is best (but not necessary if your body is pretty average). If you just want it for fashion, a more affordable off the rack corset should be fine, but you'll still want to make sure it's a real corset with steel boning and not just a lace-up tube top. I'd recommend Orchard Corset for affordable real corsets. My favorite are the mesh ones, but they have satin and cotton too and several different styles. They'll also help you with fit if you contact them.
    My #1 recommendation though would be to check out this girl's site.
    She's got basically everything you could ever want to know about corsets. Hope that helps!

    • thanks i will check that out. I dont want to do the waist training stuff, just want to try out the look. I tried out a cheap one i got local it was pretty bad.

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  • I was thinking about it too but then I realized I will never loose weight if I try to hide my fats

    • i wouldn't want to do it for that reason. i just think they are cute looking

  • Try Amazon.


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