Cute, Pretty, Sexy, Hot, Gorgeous, Beautiful.. what do they mean?

what do you mean when you say these things? What's the difference?


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  • I like this question a lot.

    Cute - Girls I find attractive that have some youthful qualities to them. A kid at heart or facial and physical features that make them look young. Also can be used to describe their type of dress.

    Pretty - How I describe an entire "look" of a girl - if their outfit and accessories match their body and personality.

    Sexy - Describes a girl that creates some sexual vibe in me, just by looking at her.

    Hot - It's like the adult version of cute. A woman who is on the taller side or has a more matured appearance will usually get a "hot" from me over a "cute".

    Gorgeous - Sort of like the step above pretty. I can use the words interchangeably but I can label more girls pretty than I can label gorgeous.

    Beautiful - Reserved for girls that I find both attractive physically and challenge me mentally and emotionally. Unlike any of the other words I will only call you beautiful if I mean it sincerely - no white lies with this one.

  • I generally view them all as the same tbh.


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