I am a beginner with dreads and I just wanna make sure they are done right?

so I had a friend do my dreads. He backcombed them, and then twisted two of the backcombed dreads together, like into a braid. He used no wax. I've had them for about a month and a half now, and Some of them are getting loose and a little puffy at the ends, is that supposed to happen?
I have soft, loose, curly hair. There is a picture attached of my natural hair as well as when it was dyed (magenta color), and also the picture of my dreads from far away as well as up close.
My questions are:
Is the backcombing done right? Are the knots they way they are supposed to be or are they too loose? I see videos on Youtube and some videos the backcomb part looks the same and some look different. and do I have to re-backcomb after taking the twists out, or do I leave them alone to just dread on their own?


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