Girls, Can a guy wear these kind of pants?

Please don't make fun of me. I'm wondering if men can wear these sort of pants, or whether there's a male alternative that is just as soft and wide legged as those. I think they look extremely beautiful and I would like to wear something that looks beautiful naturally. I really hope there is! Please do let me know. Girls, Can a guy wear these kind of pants?

Thanks :)

i am straight by the way


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  • I mean my personal opinion, they're ugly and I would never wear them. Yoga and sweatpants are my fav. But if you like it wear it. Ain't no one gonna stop you. People might make fun of you and some girls might not like it but it's all about what YOU want. Are opinions shouldn't matter. If it makes you happy, do it.

    • i am technically a straight guy tho

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    • Oh, and an alternative to these for guys would be basket ball shorts. Not as long but they are comfortable and wide legged.

    • ahh but i would prefer wide legged pants a lot more than shorts

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  • Clothes don't have gender. Do whatever the fuck you want, people will criticise you regardless. :^)

    • I like that opinion 😜 Nicely said! Thanks :)

  • What a disgusting thing to do


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