Can I gain weight on my face?

I used to gain weight on my face 1-2 years ago but now I'm not sure if it goes to my face that much because I am growing up... Can I still gain weight on my face after 20?


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  • Why on earth would you want a fat face 😂😂 I guess Just fucking shove donuts in ur face til u pass out

    • i want a cute face not a boney one

    • Or maybe you should accept who u are and stop complaining. I've never even thought about someone having a bony face until now. There are a lot of other things to worry about, why let something so silly bother you?

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  • Yes, older people can still gain weight in their face. You can't choose where you gain weight though, it just depends on your body.


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  • I m at the same boat, I also wanted to gain weight on the face, but don't know what to do

  • yes you can, and no you don't want to

    • but a boney face is not cute

    • you're focussing too much on micro details
      that is insecurity talking.

      by all means keep yourself in shape. but after that be comfortable in your own skin. own your body whether you perceive a flaw or not

      that confidence will be more attractive than chubby cheeks

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