Girls, How do you deal with your thick unmanageable hair?

I'm getting to the point where I can't deal with my hair anymore. It's a mop. It's full of knots and anything I do I always have flyaways and it's still knotty. Is there something else I can do to try to tame it. I try to not use any type of chemicals or anything to damage it. Helppp haha


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  • I understand the issue. i have hip length thick curly biracial hair. & its very unruley. Coconut oil is absolutely amazing. thick hair sucks it up well and stips fly aways. Itll moisturize it like mad. Best stuff. I like Organic, extra virgin cold pressed unrefined coconut oil. I also recently found this brand ( its all natural, vegan, silicone& paraben etc free,) its called " Mani Moisture " . found it in CVS for like 12$ each. i have the strength and anti breakage shampoo and hair mask. its also deeply helped my hair stay manageable. I try not to over load my hair. Wash it every other day or every few days. Use a wide tooth comb, keep it moisturized.


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