Girls, Can I pull off speedo?

I know here in States that we are backwards of rest of world in regards to swim briefs being taboo or along for the fat old guys, lol but they are a lot more comfortable and are more particular for swimming inGirls, Can I pull off speedo?


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  • I have never met anyone who can pull off a speedo. If you have the guts to wear it cool, as long as you feel comfortable

  • please don't wear it.. not the best choice

    • May I ask why? And understand im putting myself out there and okay with any responses

    • I know you are... and I am being honest. I think Speedos look good on beefed up men... with a good butt... lol... this sounds stupid... but may be this is cause I'm in some beefed up men... and If you just take my opinion.. work out on your legs.. they need some beef.. I mean.. muscle

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