Advice please! On how to make a cute female twig feel better about herself?

I have started liking a cute girl and I have been flirting with her a bit. I noticed that she only likes it when I compliment her brain because she does not like her skinny body which is a result of a medical condition. With me I'm just a twig and I can relate to how hard it is to be skinny without the ability to gain weight.
When ever I compliment her on her figure she just reflects it and never accepts it. She does look beautiful I just wish that she would get that also.


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  • Female twig? Omg I'm dying 😂😂😂 okay but on the real I would say she needs to do that herself that's not something you can do for her


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  • Tell her for you she does look beautiful and remember that even if she says she disagrees she may still feel better for it and like it when you say it.


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  • You can start by not calling her body shape a twig


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