I can't figure out where to start with for taking new styles of selfies, please help?

Soooo I was checking my Instagram feed and... umm... I noticed that almost all of my pictures are the same pose and same angle etc, and in almost all of them I have my hand playing with my hair (example my profile pic)... my feed looks good but it's wayyyy too monotonous and boring. Sooo these are the problems I have:

1) I'm a loner. So I don't take much group selfies or I don't even have someone to take pictures for me.

2) I have big eyes. Any picture from top angle makes me look like an alien. I feel like I look weird with eyeliner and without eyeliner. Making my eyes smaller with makeup makes me feel like I don't look like myself.

3) I have a vitiligo spot and severe acne. If I take pictures too close then all of those show up. You could also tell I sleep less because of my dark circles. But when I edit them, I look like a different person.

4) I can't take full-body selfies because of my curves, I look way too provoking and awkward. I'm only 16 so no matter how womanly body I have I'm not gonna show it off.

5) I feel like I look funny in any unnatural pose.

For now, I know I need a good editing app and a selfie stick. But leave me some additional tips. If you want to see my Instagram before giving suggestions, pm me but girls only.

Also, don't tell me to use Snapchat or any app that has such filters in it. I don't wanna use much editing and filter, I want to try out new angles and poses etc because THOSE are what I have to improve. My camera is good enough without editing and filters.


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  • I don't have so much experience with it, so I don't have a lot of advice. But I've some.

    I thinks varying your outfits, makeup (if you use it), hairstyle and which location you're in helps. You can take pictures on vacation, in the street, in the beach, in restaurants etc. Don't take the picture in the same room, because it gets very boring fast.

    I do also thinks you should experimenting with the lighting and have different accessories. With accessories I also means holding something in your hands like sunglasses, a cup, some food item etc. in addition to which clothing item you have as accessories.

    There's a lot of tutorials on YouTube about how to take selfies. Just type "How to take instagram selfies by myself" on YouTube. You don't need to be in every instagram pictures. For variety in your profile I recommend you taking some food, nature and flat lay pictures too or a picture of your hobbies. I thinks a combination between selfies and other things is the way to go.

    Happy selfie! : )

    (Put the picture there just for fun)


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  • lol... omg... i can't believe this...
    young people problems...

    • Her problems are still valid though. Don't be a jerk just because her problems don't seem as bad as yours.

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    • Dude, if you invent a knife for cutting vegetable but people use it as a weapon, does it make knives a bad thing?

    • okay dude tell me honestly, What is your deep routed issue with technology and why are you trying to make other people think like you as if it's ruining the world.
      Are you dumb to think that nobody wants to talk in person anymore because of social media. And those dating apps? they are barly growing just tons of hopeless guys trying to get layed.

  • hey, a good editing app and a selfie stick are probably the last things that you need. and well all you really need to do is find some good angles for your face. Just open the camera and move it all around your face move to every angle and take pictures of all the angles that look good. (you can also have good and bad days some days you won't find any good ones and other days you will find many.) pay attention to all the details. if my eyes look slightly down they look really bad in my opinion but if they are looking up they look really good. (shitty wrinkles i have for some reason) so then sometimes i tend to look down a bit and look up with my eyes. also get a good angle for my nose and jawline. you honestly just need to take a lot of pictures of your angles. you will find some good ones!
    also Instagram isn't really about group selfies. but if you are with a good friend just say like in a jokey way like ooh take some pictures of my and this back ground or this thing. (that's how i got my profile picture)
    and trust me i had all the issues you have right now.

  • well don't smile you don't really look that bright sometimes and if taking profile pics is an issue for you then don't upload actual pics of you if someone really wanted to know what you looked like they would ask to video chat and think of yourself on the inside not the outside or your gonna feel anxiously lost in the mind

  • Bro u do know that a private profile can still have followers, right?

  • Lightening and angle can help


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