Girls, What is a good swimsuit for a big chest area?

I try on swimsuits and many are not able to fit me in the chest area. Is there a specific brand or style that would be recommended for this?


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  • Same, I feel you. Victoria's Secret sell bikini tops separetely, so you can get a bigger size from the top, and smaller from the bottom. I'm sure other brands do that too. And always get a wired one. No push-ups. Shop the way you would for a bra basically.

    I have one that's wired and unpadded which is perfect cuz it supports them and doesn't enlarge them. They also cover most of my boobs so they don't pop out. Look for whole-coverage cups. And dark colours make em look smaller too.

    Trust me, I know the struggle to find a perfect swimsuit. Almost non-existant. But keep looking. I eventully found one.

    • Yes, big difference in size between top and bottom. Creates problems that people without big busts don't understand.

  • Id go underwire bra bikini top. Asos has a good range online.


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