Should I not date?

OK so the thing is, I'm 17 and I'm really flat chested, you can't tell when I'm wearing clothes because I wear gel bras etc. I've met this guy that I really like and we're getting quite close and I want things to progress, but am scared that he's not going to like what he sees. Should I just stop seeing him?


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  • Yes that sounds like a brilliant plan perhaps you should just stay alone for the rest of your life and die a virgin :p

    Or you could take a gamble and risk finding out that there's more to life that breasts. I'm sure those gel bras still make your breasts look somewhat on the small side and this guy you mention still appears to be interested in you, that is, he obviously isn't the type that finds large breasts important. He may be a bit surprised when he finds out they're a little smaller than they looked when you had your clothes on but it's likely he won't mind at all. Perhaps he even prefers small breasts (personally I think it's rather cute).

    Guys in general tend to be very forgiving when it comes to 'flaws' that women tend to worry so much about. Do yourself a favor and continue dating this guy.


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  • Just because you're dating, doesn't mean you have to have sex or do sexual stuff. But you need to get over your smaller boobs hun. Lots of guys LOVE smaller boobs.


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  • Don't stop seeing him, take the risk if he doesn't like you for the way you are then he is not worth your time.