Do you think girls without perfect skin are unattractive?

I used to have acne. I thankfully don't anymore, but my past acne has left red scars on my face. Should I cover them with makeup, or is it ok to have blemishes?


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  • If it's possible to cover them, then do so. I don't find anything wrong with using makeup


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  • how many people have truly perfect skin? everyone has had a pimple and everyone has had some sort of blemish. don't worry because perfection is rarely achievable. and it's the little imperfections that make a person an individual and individuality and being different from other people is what is truly beautiful imo.

    so yes it is very ok to have blemishes


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  • Firstly, you look gorgeous... second - I think it's fine to have blemishes, if they are very noticeable then it might make you feel more confident covering them up, but if they are small then you are probably the only one who notices them.


    It may or may not damage your skin, but if you need to go somewhere and cover it up then you could use it...

    I would try to find something that would help to remove the blemishes rather than cover them up - even if it takes time

    • Aww, thank you. I'm using Bio Oil to get rid of the scars, but it takes months if not years for blemishes this dark. And I have makeup, I just sometimes get too lazy to use it.

    • :) yeah Bio Oil's good...

      they should fade over time, it won't seem as long a time as it is before they're gone :P

  • Don't try to cover it with make-up because I have heard that it can actually do more damage to your skin. You should try some fading cream that remove the marks.