Can you like someone without really being attracted to him?

He has a body like Taylor Lautner but he's really white and his face is covered with acne. I guess his body is good but I don't know if I can kiss him.


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  • What an odd question...I notice that you didn't say anything about his personality...

    I've met girls who have acne who I could still kiss. Maybe something like an ugly wart would bother me, but acne is just a hormonal thing...

    He's probably really embarrassed about that though, so if you do like him, I recommend not giving any indication that you are turned off by his that will make him feel pretty bad. Might even make him break-out more.

    If he goes to see a dermatologist, they should be able to help him clear a lot of that up. Maybe not perfectly, since the teenage years are really bad in terms of getting acne, but enough to make it so you can see his real face.

    • Also, you can of course close your eyes when you kiss him

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  • you probably like him because of his personality

    but sometimes you have to look past the imprefections and ike him for who he is

    thats all I can say

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