Girls, what would you think if a guy dressed like this?

Skinny jeans, tan boots, sweatshirts, hoodies, suede and shearling coats, flowy shirts, rings etc..
Basically something similar to how Harry Styles dress (ed) (The bandana era or around then, boots, skinny jeans, sweatshirts, bandana etc)

I want to dress similar to Harry Styles, I like how he dresses, but he's a celebrity, I mean could a regular guy dress like this?

I'm pretty similar proportioned to him, maybe my thighs are a little wider, my shoulders too and I'm slightly shorter.

What would you think of this?
I don't dress like this now but that's the idea I'm going after.
He still looks manly but he doesn't dress it. I'm straight, I've been approached by guys because they thought I was gay, I usually am pretty good chatting up girls on nights out and all that but I feel like if I change the way I dress and they don't like it I won't be able to get girls, I mean do you (I know all girls are different) like when a guy is interested in style and fashion?

Would you find it attractive/weird?
What would you think and what about it makes you feel that way?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I don't know he's got a bolder style so it depends if you have the confidence or not. I think Harry can pull off any look bc that's just how he is. If you have the confidence to rock it then go for it.

    • Yeah thats what I'm thinking,
      but even just the boots, I usually wear skinny jeans and hoodies/sweatshirts, the main thing is just wearing a pair of boots similar to his.
      On nights out I wear a shirt, or a fitted jumper, I would just be changing the shirt to some sort of viscose or silk shirt so it's flowy.

      I'm creative, I like being creative, I write songs, produce music, I want to be self employed, I'm interested in fashion, but it took me a long time for anyone to even hear me sing because I just wanted to blend in, now I want to be myself, but it's hard when who you are is very different to the people around you and from how those people know you.

What Guys Said 1

  • Bro do you and wile out. True some girls judge you off what you're wearing but I don't think those are the girls you should be after anyway. Rock that shit and people will be more attracted towards your attitude and confidence


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