What Do Guys Mainly Look For In A Girl?.

Personality, Looks, Wealthy-Ness, (Etc,)


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  • Let's see... Looks are like the bait, but for me I MUST have an intelligent woman that I can carry on some level of conversation with past a social conversation.

    That being said, you are first judged by appearance by 95% of guys then by personality. I also do not like girls who smile a lot. I prefer the broody girls. I would say that 16-25 year old males will have relationships with women whom the only factor is appearance, but after 25 men start to look for the one to settle down with and looks become less important.

    Me: personality, looks and idc about money.

    Be prepared that if you don't have the looks that you might have to put more time in becoming friends before the guy will notice you for your personality.


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  • honestly, first thing a guy will notice is their looks. I tend to notice whether their smiling/seem happy. I look for a girl who's positive, usually happy, energetic, honest, caring. money isn't a big factor

  • For me it's roughly in this order:


    Overall looks


    'Red Flags' (connect between attitude and how she presents herself - being a bitch, cheating, having kids, big debt etc)

    Intelligence (connected to her way of speaking, interest in culture etc)

    Then constant reassessment between her IOIs (indicators of interest) and red flags.


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