Scruffy with some facial hair or clean shaven and baby soft skin?

For guys who can't grow a full beard or if it looks patchy when they try which is sexier? A little scruff or a clean shaven, baby soft face?


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  • It really depends on the specific guy. can't really generalize.

    • One with a more feminine face? 🙄

    • I can't really say without photos of both, but I would just randomly guess clean shaven is better.

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  • Baby soft skin yep!

  • I say scruff. Feels more masculine.

    • Do you still like it even if its patchy? 🤔

    • usually yeah. Unless it's extreme, in that case go clean shaven.

    • Thanks for the insight. I was told I have a feminine looking face and I'm trying to figure out what features I was born with that I can amplify to look like a "hot geek". Feel free to take a look at my posted picture to add your own opinion! 😊 I am shorter than average (5' 10") and haven't had a girl interested in me since my psychotic ex 3 years ago and I try and not think about that dark time in my life. I nevered cared about looks because I thought it was superficial and shallow to do so. Now I realize its part of your personality and professionalism as an individual. (A man's got to look his best 😎) Plus I'm a professional musician and being in the eyes of the public I have lots and lots of eyes on me all the time.

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