Should I get my hair died ombré (like the picture below)?

I had gotten highlights about a year ago, because my hair is naturally brown.

A couple months ago I used a semi-permanent hair dye in all of my hair (it was purple but turned blue because my hair is brown)... and of course the colour just showed up in my highlights.

Now that the semi-permanent dye is slowly washing out of my highlighted parts of my hair, they aren't as blonde as when I first got them. My hair is almost back to the brown it used to be.

I want to have a change for when I go back to school, and I decided maybe a bit of a lighter style would switch up my look and would blend well with the faded highlights. Opinions?Should I get my hair died ombré (like the picture below)?
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  • white, green, yellow or black only be more new and different


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  • Love it.
    I got my hair dome something similar to that but a little more subtle. I love the ombre look.


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