PLEASE help/tricks/advices with dark spots/blemishes and hyperpigmentation from acne?

Hello! So I suffered from acne due to my hormones and stress and now my right cheek (basically whole right side of my face) and my forehead is covered with dark spots and hyperpirgmentation. I'm 21 yo if that helps. Now I don't break out so bad because I try to stay relax and I eat healthier.

Not going to lie being all nervous and stressed about college, I would touch my face and make some pimples's spots worse.

I am mixed skin, half black half white. I've been using lemon and potato for the last two weeks and I can tell they are helping with fading them. Also I wear make up at minimum now, unless I'm going out but back home make up is off my face immediately. I use Cetaphil cleanser and now I avoid oils in my face. I put serum as well.

But can you suggest other remedies, solutions to make the process faster for fading the dark spots and blemishes? Is it "chemical peeling" a must for solution? Or can I achieve the results without it?

How long does it take for them to completely go away? I don't have actual scars, just dark spots and hyperpigmentation and little of blemishes.

Thanks!! ")


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  • Not necessarily chemical peeling, but regular exfoliation will help. Also, always put sunscreen on - doesn't matter how light or dark your skin is; it's a must.

    I can't say how long it'll take to make them completely go away. That depends on the person. Some are just more prone to hyperpigmentation.

    If you need product recommendations, I'd be happy to help. :)

  • Try hydrogen peroxide 3%. Add it with rice flour, a teaspn of lemon juice and honey - put it on like a face mask for 15 mins before before bedtime daily.


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