Should I get a piercing?

Give me your reasons why n why not and if you think yes then tell me what you reckon i should get.

I've got my ears pierced and thats it.

Im going into the big city next Tues (next not this) and im gonna have six hours worth of down time. Nothing to do. Im considering visiting a tat n piercing parlour and considering my options.
(Six hours of nothing cause I've an appointment in the morning then another after 6. Nothing in between and im not paying extra to go into the city and leave only to repeat the process. Thats 25 bucks worth of travel. Not doing it)

Not a hundred percent sold either way yet though.

Convince me.
Nothing on my face. I work in hospitality so need to look approachable and, well, not insane. I usually work with those 50/60 and up so.


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  • The big question here is--exactly WHERE?

    1. Nose--yes, there is the punk rock thing, but if you have sinus issues or allergies and need to blow your nose, think again. Also may turn off potential employers.

    2. Eyebrow--again, may turn off potential employers, and just seems too close to a vital organ.

    3. Naughty parts--they can be hidden beneath clothing and may be arousing, or so I have been told. But what if they get caught on your clothes and tug? Ouch.

    Anyway, give it some serious thought.

    • I've just updated. Should answer that.

      I won't be doing naughty bits, not quite brave enough for that haha

      Im thinking bellybutton or one of those fancy ear piercings. I do kinda like the look of some of those.

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    • If the belly buttons just a stud it shouldn't tug right?
      I dont really wear tight clothes but.. I've now got the image of my belly button just spewing blood cause the piercing got torn out. Ick.

    • Like I said, just be careful. Looser clothes, not too big a hoop or too large a stud, etc.

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  • "Give me your reasons why n why not "
    I cannot give you reasons? I can only tell you that if you want one, get one. It's not like you will regret it if you do. I want to get one too. I want a belly piercing, but I have heard that it takes a long time to heal


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  • Nah, they dont do anything for me. Dont make women any more attractive.
    Thats enough reasons for you.

    So when u go next Tuesday, get ur eyebrows done, get a new haircut. Im sure u'll find something to do in the city.

  • belly button piercings are sexy and easy to cover up for work.

  • where are you thinking of getting the piercing?

    • Dunno. Not my face though. I work in hospitality so its gotta be hidable. So belly, ears, that kind of thing.

    • i vote for belly.. but this is me.. when sometimes I see women with pierced belly I always wander what I can do with it if I was dating some with it.

  • a belly piercing would likely be your best bet , I know a lot of girls who work in restaurants and hospitality and most of them have there belly button pierced and even some small tattoo's , those places can't say anything about a belly piercing cause its never shown during work unlike a nose stud or other piercing


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  • Belly rings are easier to hide and minimal pain and sometimes you just need to be spontaneous and surprise yourself

    • I thought this said bell rings at first haha
      Had no idea what that meant!

      I reckon i might go for the belly ring. Possibly.

  • I'm terrified of needles so I wouldn't get one.

    What are you thinking about getting pierced?

    • Dunno. My ears again maybe, or my belly button. If i can hide it im happy. I work in hospitality so its gotta be tasteful.

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    • Yep. Not a fan of the look of those anyway (though nose studs dont look too bad).

      Im thinking more the fancy ear piercings and maybe belly button piercings. Im not too well versed on what else there is.

    • Well there's nipple piercings but that might be a bit much. I've started belly dancing and thought about trying to over come my fear and get my naval pierced but I decided to get the area around it decorated with paste on plastic gems.

  • Get a clit piercing or a nipple piercing

    • Dont those have a chance of limiting feeling in those areas?

    • There's a high chance n it would taste like metal u know what stick to noes or ears

    • these are much more sexual.. but fit the bill for her as they will not show..

      but do they affect feeling and arousal? so many nerve ending there for a purpose.

      Another thing can they tug with clothes and underwear and pants?

  • Nipple piercing


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