Going blonde with dyed dark hair?

I'm naturally a really sandy brunette. It's definatley brown, but fair enough that a lot of sun exposure would turn it blonde when I was a child.
I've been box dying it black for YEARS. Then, I gave it a rest and in the past 6 months I've had it professionally dyed dark brown twice.
I want to go ash blonde.
I know it won't happen in one sitting, but how long and how many salon visits could I expect to get it from brunette to blonde? I know girls with naturally dark hair have a hard time getting there, but will it be easier for me seeing as I'm not exactly a naturally dark-brunette girl?


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  • There are other factors. Is your hair colored now? How dark is your hair level? Would have to see a photo. If it is a light to medium brown you could do it in one sitting. Any darker and you may have to do it twice and even then it may not get as blonde as you would like.


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  • I went from dark brown to strawberry blonde in on visit.
    My natural color is the same as yours.

  • I have heard it will turn purple, look up how to go form brunette to blonde on the web for tips. I recently went the other way from blonde to brown/ombre


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