Shorter swim trunks?

What do you think about the shorter swim trunks that are getting back into style again? I'm thinking about getting some. Here are my pros and cons. Here's a link. link


-They are stylish (or so I'm told).

-The pair I'm looking at is cheaper than most board shorts.

They're kinda my style. (I'm very into originality.)


-I don't have bulging hams to show off or anything. I'm actually pretty skinny and I certainly can't say I'm proud of my legs.

-I live in south Dakota. If you don't know were a bit behind on style. I would be the first person to have a pair in my town and I would likely take a lot of crap for them.

-I don't like to admit it but in my mind they do carry a gay connotation with them. I'm not gay. I don't want to be assumed gay.

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Well I decided to get them plus a pair of regular board shorts just for safety. I'm going to Wisconsin Dells on the 11th so I wanted a good pair to look hot in. ha ha Thanks for your input everyone!


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  • I Like those, they're good looking. They're to long to be considered 'Gay' so don't worry about. Haters gonna hate! :P

    • Even on my skinny little ass haha?

    • This type of short would look better with thin legs as opposed to a buffer thigh, so yes haha

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  • Um definitely not.

  • i think they only look right on some people. you have to have a certain 'look' to be able to pull them off. oh, and if you end up getting them and don't want to be assumed gay then stay away from the bright colored ones.

    • Ya haha I'd get the dark blue. Skinny white guy probably isn't the look you're talking about right?

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    • Bahaha! My favorite is the computer programmer.

    • Ahaha, those pics are funny!

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