What do you think of female skin?

A beautiful girl with bad skin? Like.. maybe some light acne scaring on the face and not smooth skin on the legs? Have you heard of chicken skin? Males out there, do you actually mind?


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  • I have ephilids (freckles) in several spots on my arms and legs. I am blonde so they aren't red like the typical red headed complexion from UV-B exposure and melanin production. They are a light brown, I've never had anyone think I'll of me because of it. Even when I was dating it wasn't brought up. I wouldn't worry about it too much. The right person will love you for who you are as a person, not how you look. Hope this helps! 😊


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  • never heard of chicken skin

    • The formal name is keratosis pilaris you can google? Basically just red dots on the skin usuallly legs and back of arms

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    • I feel like I get more judgement as I'm female and expected to have smooth silky skin

    • I get asked why I have the dots of arms but I have no idea why

  • Soft like babies skin.

    • So what if it's not soft

  • juicy


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