Is there any point in a guy diversifying his outfit styles from the mainstream look?

Men for the most part dress up in clothes to attract women. Is it just me or is it somewhat pointless for a guy to diversify his outfits much if at all from the standard clothing in terms of attracting girls?

What i mean by this is... honestly I've tried dressing more fashion orientated also with more indie vibes... but the reality was even with girls that dressed ''indie'' I didn't seem to have any more luck with them. I get the impression that If you want to attract women (in general and of different clothing styles) basically a shirt, smart shoes and a jacket or blazer is the ideal outfit (unless it is a casual atmosphere then you may want to wear jeans instead of suit trousers). Any kind of originality is pointless even amongst girls who share the same style genre. This is excluding the really ''edgy'' emo/cloth/heavy metal lot, they seem to stick together mainly because most of society sees that style as a bit too weird for them not to notice... i personally don't view them as weird I respect anyone who has the balls to wear something that sticks out so much.
Bottom line is I've worn slightly more hipster vibe clothing and attracted girls who aren't remotely dressed in that way and girls who wear the same style don't seem to care or even acknowledge my clothing. I know i sound conceited as hell and i don't mean to be... i don't expect women to like what i'm wearing but i just find it weird that i can wear my hip vibes and it will only reduce the amount of success i get (ok i get this part...) but It won't increase success with girls who share the same look?

This is just an observation (probably poorly explained) that I've made. The conclusion: basically if you are a guy just wear nice fitting smart 'business like' clothes if you want to attract women (including those that don't wear ''mainstream clothing'').


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What Girls Said 1

  • You are probably not very attractive or they are not drawn to your attitude

    • Well i attract girls that dont share the same clothing style easy enough..

    • my point is girls don't seem to care what style you wear... honestly just wearing business casual is best for attracting all women.

    • Girls have rated me 7-7.5. I'm by no means ''very attractive'' but nor are the majority of men.

What Guys Said 2

  • nah you're wrong
    you're supposed to wear clothes that are an extension of YOU, the person you really are
    this really reflects in your attitude and the way you carry yourself

    Yes we dress to impress girls, but we also dress to make ourselves feel great in the first place otherwise it just doesn't help
    if i were to wear clothes that i dont like or feel comfortable with how am i supposed to feel great

    and you were perhaps not pulling the style off as good as it should be

    i changed my style and i attracted more women

    why they go to the basic style?
    Well, most of the basic stylers feel great in those clothes and this exudes in lots of confidence
    The guys who want to go stylisher either look like major tryhards cause it just really doesn't fit them and they dont look "cool" or "stylish" at all

    Trust me, a lot of girls/women like a man who can dress himself, who knows whats good on him and what compliments his personality and body best

  • i try New stuff to wear as is


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