What makes a girl attractive?

What qualities lure you in?


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  • I like her to have her own beliefs and opinions but open to learning and accepting new things meaning she's not wishy washy, finds out what things I like and then liking them too. I'll respect any views she has and would prefer that she stands for something. I love witty combacks and conversation, quirky (nothing extreme), bizzare hobbies, passionate, shy but also confident. in bed I like her to take a dominant approach then become submissive well thats how its gunna end up anyways lol but its good to keep that in mind ( I really enjoy fighting over dominance the "Mr. and ms. smith kinda thing but not so violent lol). if she is too submissive like a "dead cow" just laying there I will walk away. as far as physical appearance goes "size" dont matter and I enjoy all types of women. if they have small boobs/ ass they can make up for it with a passionate/ fiesty personality and an out to prove herself attitude. if she has big boobs/ass I prefer her to be shy. if she is cocky and overly confident I will show her the door

    • women that turn me on are
      1. police officers
      2. fire women
      3. lawyers
      4. strippers (minus the slutty ness but the confidence is good)

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  • I like cute girls, with a sense of humor and similar interests as me

  • eye contact, confidence, onion butt

  • I need to find her attractive,
    She needs to make me feel comfortable to be myself
    She likes me for being me

    What do you go for in a guy?


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