Things to know for my first time flying alone.

The do's and don'ts please(:


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  • Since you're under 18, you're probably flying under what's called "unaccompanied minor" status, which means the agent at the gate will board you first and walk down the jetway with you. It's not anything saying you're incabable, it's an FAA requirement.

    Boarding generally begins 30 mintues before the plane is scheduled to depart, though if it's a larger aircraft or a longer flight, it might start 45 minutes before.

    Bring as little as possible with you on a carry-on, just pay the fee to check a bag, this will help greatly when you go through the TSA security checkpoint, also don't bring any liquids in a carry-on. If you're bringing a laptop or other large electronic device, it goes in a seperate bin at the checkpoint by itself, nothing else it in. Also wear shoes that come off and go on easily because they have to go through the X-ray machine (Thank Richard Reed). Don't wear a belt if it can be helped becuase you'll also need to take that off as well as empty your pockets.

    Airport concourses are generally set up that as you walk down them the odd gates are on one side and the even gates on the other, so like gate 1 is on your left and gate 2 is right accross from it on your right.

    Beyond that everything else has been said by others, mind if I ask where you're flying to?

    • I'm going to Florida to visit a friend. She usually comes up here every summer with her dad but his car is messed up so her mom paid for me to fly down(:

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    • BTW, if you're planning on getting US Airways Express flight 3038 to Indianapoplis from Reagan, that's a hell of a tight connection.

    • No I'm going from DC to Louisville, Kentucky. And yeah I'm staying with U.S. Airline the whole way home.

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  • 1) Be early to the airport. There is always a delay of some sort.

    2) Bring gum so you can pop your ears.

    3) Get a window seat. Those are the best. :)

    4) Bring something to read and do.

    5) Fly safe.

  • It's nothing different from flying with someone. Since your seventeen you probably won't be flying as an "unaccompanied minor." They usually stop that around the mid teens.

    • Untrue, unaccompanied minors can be anyone under the age of 18, though that doesn't mean the status is always used, it depends on the particular airlines policy as well as the person who bought the ticket.

    • Oh okay. Every time I've flown since I turned 15 I haven't had unaccompanied minor status.

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  • Don't bring liquids, or sharp objects. Bring something to entertain yourself. Get either a window, OR isle - nothing is more awkward than being between two people you don't know! You'll be fine!

  • They are really no don't or do's. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. it's very easy.

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