What's even the point anymore?

Honestly I am sick of girls and I am sick of people anymore. I am a pretty damned good guy. I play guitar, I get good grades, I'm smart, funny ,and involved in a lot of things. SO why the hell don't cute girls like me. Aren't girls supposed to care more about personality. I know I don't look like f***ing Jacob from twilight but honestly what guy does. Also, I know I should lose weight if I want to date someone attractive, but I don't think I am terribly fat. I'm big yes, but I am not just some obese mofo who sits on his ass all day playing COD. All of this just makes me jaded. I know girls don't like to approach,but I've been rejected by a few girls just because of my looks. So what the hell is the point of trying anymore when girls are such entitled bitches who think they need a god damned perfect prince charming.? Honestly if I was hot it wouldn't even matter what my personality was. And don't lie ladies you know it's true. I see it all the time with good looking girls who are nice and have great personalities dating jerks. So your either hypocrites or just idiots. Why can't you even consider me. I mean what's so bad about someone like me. I know I am not perfect, but neither are you.


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  • Hmmm.. well first things first, don't call girls bitches. If you go around feeling that angry, girls will sense that and run v. fast. I think you are in a tough age range. Girls can be more shallow at your age but we get wiser after a while. Guys are the same way too - they'll go after the hot babe in the room - they also get wiser as they age... (well some of them)! That being said, there are gals out there who don't care about looks. That's the advantage of you being a guy, wanting to date gals. We women have the amazing ability to make any man we are in love with, the most attractive man in the world! I once dated a man shorter than me and I swear, when I was in love, he was a full 4 inches taller than me (in my mind). What you need to do is focus on yourself - do things you enjoy, exercise, and stop focusing on girls so much. Women find a confident, happy, with hobbies, much more attractive. You might even meet women during some of these activities. Get to know them, hang out as a group first... take it slower. Women build relationships through talking and sharing information... so that's what you should do - ask questions, share some info. about yourself, and always be kind and a gentleman. Good luck and take care of yourself first!

    • Ya being kind works. Hell I know so many girls who are in relationships with guys who treat them like crap. That's my dilemma. I want to treat them the best way possible, I mean I would do anything for them, but girls don't care about that. It's been that way since HS. Girls are as shallow as guys and like jerks who will probably abuse them

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  • Many girls do go for personality more. Maybe you're just picking out the wrong type of girls. Not all girls want a prince charming, I sure as hell don't. Nobody is perfect. I think you just have the wrong attitude, be more friendly and approachable and don't try to go for the snobby stuckup girls. They're the bitches. Their is plenty of other normal girls out there that I'm sure would love to go out with you. You just have to find them.

    • Look, I know you are probably right, but it seems like even average girls don't give me a chance, I have to settle for people who are hideous inside and out. I mean the two girls I asked out were far from stuck up, one was kind of bitchy, and the other one was while I was in HS and she was 2 years younger than me and had never been asked out and didn't know how to handle it. But I mean girls never check me out or look at me, and they only talk to me because I have a lot of popular guy friends

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  • Alright, I had this issue 2 years ago.

    First thing is first, quit caring what the girls think (That bugs them far more than you will ever know).

    2nd If you think your fat they are going to think your fat... If you act fat that is how they will take it. If you have a serious problem with it the hit a gym, go on a diet, whatever works for you.

    3rd quit looking and trying to find a girl

    It seems you have some anger about the topic but heck so did I. The thing that worked for me was this; have a little swagger to yourself, don't think of yourself as fat, think hell I am the best damn guy they are gonna get if they don't see it the "F" them. Don't mope around and such about it because that just pushes them away quicker.

    They look like they are dating jerks because the guy acts like he doesn't give a flying you know what about them or who they are or what they look like. That is what you have to do, ya you will feel like your coming off as an ass but your just saying to all the girls out there "I am me if you don't like it then I don't need you"

    Have some fun, plenty of girls I know take it as flirting to do nothing but make fun of them. Give them crap about stuff have a good time.


    I have said it 2 times already saying it a 3rd to get the point across

    You have to look at yourself in the mirror, if you don't like what you see you will reflect that in the way you walk, talk, and everything else. If you comfortable with who you are, and you act like it then they will see that in the same ways.

    It will drive them crazy because there is something about you that changed but they won't know what. Hell if it is a girl you have never seen before she will turn her head.

    Biggest thing about girls is they are attracted to guys with confidence (Well all of the attractive ones I know are) if you have confidence in yourself and don't care what they think they will try hard to make you care.

    Just my two cents hope it helped.

  • I understand where you're coming from, but you'll never get ANYTHING this way. You have to learn to work with the tangled web of self doubt, lies, and uncertainty that people like to call a girl.

  • You gotta put the work in and hit the gym. Sorry, but there are plenty of guys out there who are interesting and have great personalities... along with girls. Why should a good girl who hits the gym, takes care of her body, go flocking to an overweight dude who plays guitar? I know that sounds harsh, but it's true. You're body is your temple.. treat it right and get the girls.

    • Look dude, not to be mean. I have been hitting the gym since April. and the result haven't shown, And I work out at least for an hour, so it's not like I am some fat ass sitting on the computer all day. Thanks for the encouragement though. I will keep going

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    • No, on the physical front, working out and being fit is equally about your mental health as it is physical. When your feelin fit and good, you look fit and good and vice versa. It's moreso about attitude, which goes beyond the exercise. You can't expect girls to be into you, chubby or fit... you need to be feeling good about yourself, confident, positive. I think being in shape can help you with that, but you really need to start anew, treat each girl as an individual who has something to

    • Something to offer.. and NOT as "one of THEM - grrrrr".