What style do guys really like?

OK I am 18 yrs. Old I'm not fat but not skinny just a little thick I got 34DD boobs 5'4" kind of muscle-y legs I like to wear heels I have long blond hair greenish blue eyes freckles I rarely wear makeup if any at all I'm not an ugly girl so I can really conform to any style. Please help me.


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  • Listen close girl. You pick what suits YOU. Don't try to conform to what you think guys like. Pick what you like and the guys who like it will find you...Don't be a Stepford wife.

    The style you choose is going to reflect who you are. Be proud of who you are.

    It sound like you have it going on from your description.

    • Thank you that's sweet

  • Guys like sexy.

    The more assets you can get away with showing without being "trashy" the better.

    Be flirty.

    Guys like any style. So long as it's not too weird. Why what's your style?

    • I don't realy have one. in the summer I just wear cute tanktops and shorts sometimes little dresses and in the winter I wear jeans and hoodies nothing special bout my wardrobe...

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