Wind vs. skirt. What is your worst experience?

The worst experience I can remember was a year ago. I was camping with my ex boyfriend, my best friend and her boyfriend. I was wearing a long skirt so I thought I had nothing to worry about so I wore only a thong under my clothes. It was really embarrassing when the skirt got up in front of everyone. The worst thing is that I had to be sitting all the camping because the wind was terrible the rest of the day.


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  • At least you had something on underneath. Ever wear bikinis? It's not that bad.

    • Isn't the same. Depends on the context.

    • True, but I was trying to highlight that you're no more exposed.

    • A bikini is not the same as a thong, and it's not the same on the beach as in front of your best friend's boyfriend.

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  • I used to live near a bridge that I had to cross every time I wanted to go to the city. It was always windy, so I should have known better, but my skirt literally went up to my ears. There were a lot of people and I had to walk the rest of the way with one hand on my butt and one hand on front to keep. the skirt set.

    • I used to cross a bridge every day to go to highschool, luckily I never had an accident. Also in school uniform I prefer to wear boypants.

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  • I love it love seeing it love watching glirls panic, embarrased!


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  • My husband and I attended a wedding last September, and as we exited the church after the ceremony the wind whipped my dress up to around waist level. Of course there was a large crowd awaiting the bride and groom's appearance, so I'm sure that many people got a good look.
    I wasn't the only one having issues, many of the women standing outside had a grip on their dresses and skirts.

    • I hope that wasn't a big deal

    • Well, other than people seeing my underwear it wasn't.

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