Get rid of those things?

I have a question to those ladies out there. What "fashion" trendks) would you like to get rid of? To me, it would be having those long and artificial nails. They are not practical and do not look good.


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  • oh my gosh, I can't agree with you enough I wore fake nails once and they annoyed me so bad I remember pulling them off by the end of the day

    I'd get rid of the plastic see through clothes trend. I don't know maybe I'm just bitter because I hate the material I just don't see how it is flattering what so ever!!

    • Thats so true. I had my fake nails done for the vy first time and it was annoying as hell. I had enough in one week and took it off.

    • I'm glad it's not just me!! I found it so hard to do the simplest of tasks, not to mention it took 20minutes to type a simple text out !!!

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