Having a drastic makeover, need some advice?

So I've decided to have a drastic makeover, frankly not too happy with the boyish friendly cute look. Going for a manlier/sexy look. I've already started packing on some weight (155 now, was ~148 in my profile pic) and I'm aiming to be 170-175 pounds by next year, 180-185 in two (I'm 5'10")... not talking about fat, but actual muscle. I've also been growing a beard, but it's not tamed since I want to grow it out before I decide on what shape I want it be. So looking for some ideas on different styles (clothes, hair, beards, body size) that would best suit me. Remember going for more of a manly badass look haha. So some help would be appreciated ladies and gents.


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  • I think you look great already but perhaps try growing your facial hair out a bit? I always find that looks kinda rough and ready lol!
    It's not too dramatic but it's a change.


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  • While you are bulking up, do try to add calisthenics into the mix. Helps you with your fitness as well as that "rawr" look 😄

    • Yea calisthenics get you ripped! Will definitely do them once I'm done bulking with strength training and looking to shred.

    • Good luck with everything man! 😄

    • thanks!

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  • TBH you already look great

    • thanks :), just want to change it up. Always been considered as the cute type which I'm not going to complain about, but I just want to look manly and sexy for once.

  • I personally love a 5oclock shadow


What Guys Said 2

  • Why?

    • I don't know I just want to. I've gone my whole life being considered as the friendly cute type. I want to feel sexy and manly for once lol. I'm almost 30 and have never felt that way so I figured it's time for a change and I actually have been working on my transformation now for the past 3-4 months.

    • Don't you get laid a lot already?

      It's up to you, what ever makes you happy :)

      My concern is that you might get stuck between cute/manly into some twilight zone where girls aren't going to like you :o

      I'm worried about that for you.

    • I don't have problems attracting girls, I just want to do it for me, I think it will make me feel more confident because I'll feel manlier if that makes sense. Kind of going through some shit and frankly I've had enough of girls for the time being, so I just want to concentrate on me and bettering myself both physically and mentally.

  • You can't go wrong with long beard and hair

    • Thanks, that's one of the looks I'm considering. My beard is about half his size as of now. Wish he trimed his beard as well though, looks too unruly like that. I like that hairstyle too but the problem is that I have really dense, thick, and curly hair.

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    • Yea just been feeling like it's time for a change. Wouldn't mind looking like a fuckboy, frankly pretty much fed up at trying to have anything serious with girls in the forseable future so it might be a fun look to have and just fuck around haha. Moving to New Orleans in like half a year so Mardi Gras and spring break will make for easy pickings.

    • Okay so the fuckboy style is easy. Just do the fading hairstyle.
      and get something simular to this
      Also one earring + dope sneakers..

      Lately, I've been told by many girls that they like the skater guys outfits. Which I'm currently rocking these days. :)

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