Does she just want sex from me!..??

So I met this girl in town a few weeks ago while I was out watching the world cup. She is really cute we had a laugh flirted kissed and all that good stuff. She gave me her number we texted over the course of the week and arranged to met up the following weekend. She lives about a hour away so she got the train down. I offered to walk her from the train station but she just replied "have you started drinking yet"?:(

We had a good night out she ended up coming back to mine we had sex it was amazing it was my first time.

She text me the next day saying she really liked me and that she had lots of fun. I sent some rose's to her work a few days later to thank her for a great night and to say I was looking forward to seeing her again.

We carried on chatting and she told me she was down again at the weekend to see her friends and she would like to see me again. I asked if she would like to come round so I could cook her a meal and we could watch a film. She didn't say no as such but dropped a hint she would be out in town again. We met in town had a few drinks and she came back to mine again. Before she got a taxi I told her how I felt. She said it was sweet but didn't really say a huge amount back. Since then she has been chatting BUT she's taking a ice age to reply to my message's. I know most blokes would kill to be in my shoe's but I literally can't stop thinking about her and I want to mean more to her! I would REALLY appreciate any advice. Thank you


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  • There's not much I can think to say, but what would you tell a girl in your shoes. Probably that the guy is not that into her. I could be wrong maybe she is playing hard to get. But from the sounds of it, it's sex for now. If you like her don't push it to much, she seems to be independent and probably won't like the neediness. If you play it cool and hang out with her more, she will want to spend more together. And that could lead to something. Jumping straight into a relationship is very hard. Work your way up to it. Get to know each other and have fun.


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  • my opinion you should drop the whole thing, I know its easier than said but, I just doubt she'll want a relationship, she's definitely in it for the sex no doubt about it. Here's my second thought about it, you can either wait and keep giving it to her and see what happens

    • Yeah mate like you say it's easier said than done....I asked her the other night straight up what she wanted from me i.e. is it just for sex. She said she really liked me but it was the first time a guy had treated her so good. So maybe she's been hurt in the past and that's why she's keeping it distant. I'm not going to remove her from my life just yet I no I would regret that. But at the same time I know where your coming from I don't want to mug myself off

    • Well said my friend

    • Think about it mate, if a girl treated you so well than you have never been treated before.. are you honestly telling me you gonna be distant from her...especially after being treat like sh1t before... COME ON!!!

      She has just told you one "white" lie, and you bought it...

      What she is REALLY thinking is "i liked this guy, but he is starting to get all clingy.."

  • You were good but now you're turning into a WIMPPP!

    • I am what I am

      I make no apologies for that

    • Then you'll get burned my friend.. in dating you have to follow the rules of the game...

    • Straight up...after your first comment I thought you where a bit of a (Mike Hunt) ;)....but you hit the nail on the head I have been far to clingy. The problem is I have got this picture in my head of how I want it to be with her but I'm starting to realise it doesn't work like that

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