Anyone know any good disposable razors?

I'm going to be traveling soon and want to just bring 1 bag. So I need some disposable razors. Most of the ones I've used before just are terrible and dull. My hair will start growing back after a couple days and is pretty coarse. Suggestions?


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  • I can tell you I have never found any disposable razor that ever worked I would just go with the Gillette Mach3 the regular one. not a disposable the amount of space difference between a pack of disposables and a regular are no difference. you'll need to bring a can of shaving cream with you no matter which razor you choose. just remember to put the can of shaving cream in a zip lock bag with all the possible air removed. just in case the can springs a leak for whatever reason

    • I need disposable razor since I'm going on a plane and can't pact them in carry-ons.

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    • The reasoning is that the blades are normally duller and not as sharp.

    • now your just talking shâ–ªt. I they can cut a hair. then they most certainly slice through skin. like butter in a reay got day. what you said makes no sense at all. So go back to where ever you came from and stop talking garbage

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