Why do people want the opposite?

Here's some examples.
Brown people wants to be white, so they bleach and white people wants to be brown, so they tan.
People with curly hair wants straight and people with straight wants curly hair.
Tall people wished they were shorter and short people wished they were taller.

(I'm not saying this applies to everyone with curly/straight hair etc. It's just some common examples.)
Why do people want the opposite?#GrassGreenerOtherSide #Opposite #Desire


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  • I don't know I guess people get bored with their own features


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  • I think there's two aspects to this.
    One the one hand, "the grass always looks nicer on the other side of the fence". In other words: people desire what they don't have. It's a fundamentally human thing to do. If you have a Fiat or a Subaru, you wish you had an Audi or a Mercedes. If you a Mercedes, you wish you had a Rolls Royce or a Bugatti. What you have can easily become boring and feel commonplace or dull. So people desire things that are new, exciting, enticing, thrilling, different.

    The other aspects has specifically to do with what is common and uncommon around you. Beauty standards are not arbitrary. They always represent the things that few people have or can achieve but many desire. In the case of skin color, this is quite obvious. In North America and Europe, the vast majority of people are white. It is thus desirable to be different and exotic because you want other people to notice you. At the same time, western culture has attached positive emotions towards tanned skin for many decades. Back in the 1950s and 1960s, only successful, upper-middle class people could afford to go on vacation to Italy or Spain (for Americans it was probably Central America and the Caribbean). So if you came home from a 2-week vacation with a nice tan, that meant something. It gave you a higher social status. People looked at you and thought "wow, that guy made it". Nowadays, this way of thinking has somewhat faded but it has still partially remained in the western way of how we think about beauty.
    In places like east and south east Asia, the opposite is the case. In Thailand or the Philippines, most people are dark-skinned, so being white is obviously considered "different", "exotic" and "exciting" (also sexually attractive). At the same time, the colonial history has left a very specific beauty standard in these regions of the world. White people - especially Europeans - are still today considered powerful, successful, rich etc. in large parts of Asia. Much of this refers back to the times when those countries were occupied by white Europeans. In those days, the "masters" were white and this cultural connection has remained. So by trying to be white today, people in south east Asia play on this cultural connection.


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  • I am in between white and brown , I am happy with what I am.

  • They've never experienced it and wonder if maybe it's better than what they've experienced before.

  • Because people are people. They want to fit their image of perfect.

  • Perspectives. That's the answer.

    • Please elaborate.

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    • Or the tall person just want to be shorter because cars aren't big enough or they hit their head on some doorways

    • Now I gets it. Thanks for answer. : )

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