Do you think you have more cons than pros with long nails? Any advice on how to handle long nails?

I personally love long nails (but only square shape) I think they make your hands appear more slimmer, I think long square nails look very sexy as long as they're not longer than 4 inches than it's just too much. They are more noticeable and very attention-grabbing and more likely have people compliment and question your nails, and lots of room for designs and rhinestones the longer your nails are. But I feel like I'm prohibited from a lot of things with long nails

1. Using the touchscreen/computer
2. Playing certain sports to avoid nail damage
3. Bathroom (wiping yourself properly)
4. Cleaning (can't properly clean items)
5. Jamming of the nail
6. Can't lift things/opening a soda can

The list goes on and on but I was wondering if you had any tips/advice on how to handle long nails when doing certain things especially lifting or grabbing things?

Also what's your experience/opinions on long nails or short nails and what's your pros and cons on it? Thanks.


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  • first... for everyday wear and especially if you cook and clean a lot and do sports. wear a manageable length. i like to have my nails done when its longer cause it just helps protect the nail from tearing in or getting hurt also it is kire manageable for touch screens in my experience.
    be carefull of gel tho.


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  • 4 inches? That's ridiculous, you literally couldn't do ANYTHING and would have to rely on others for a good portion of your day to day activities. Even texting is then difficult.
    Personally I think too long (anything over an inch) isn't attractive. It doesn't look pretty or feminine, just tacky.
    Slightly longer than the finger pad and well maintained is lovely

    • That's a great and very sexy look. Great length! Not too long and gawdy and def not short (I hate short boy hands). Just right and beautiful! Are those your hands? Love the color too!

  • I absolutely love my long nails. They measure at about 2 centimeters and I don't find it difficult to do most things. They're only a problem when I have to unbox things at work. As for square nails, if the edges are very sharp that can get annoying because they will be clipping into things. I personally like the rounded square shape :)

  • i love love love my long nails and theyre like the only body part im dedicated to.. i can relate to the struggles especially when using a creme product it always gets under them and can't use a lipbalm or anything from a jar.. i love them because i feel like they are seductive

    • Exactly especially long square nails. I feel like they are very sexy and pulls a lot of attention.

  • I can't play my bass with long nails so I never let them grow beyond the tips of my fingers. Plus, I'm kinda clumsy and end up clawing myself or others if they're too long. 😂

  • I always wear long acrylic nails (in coffin or almond shape) and i have never had issues with wiping myself properly or cleaning.

    • Yeah I wear acrylic nails too but even sometimes I even have issues with putting on and pulling up my jeans and grabbing and pulling how do you manage that?

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