Bralettes in larger cup sizes?

I've been looking for a bralette, but everything that's cute and lacy and not super-padded seems to top out at a D-cup. Unless you go into plus sizes, but then the band is too big. So does anyone know where to buy bralettes that come in a DD+ cup size, but are not plus sized?
My breasts aren't even that big, honestly. It's that I have normal-sized breasts on top of a really freaking tiny ribcage. So a lot of bralettes come in just xs-xl sizing, and it tends not to work right because I need an xs in the band and a m to l in the cup.


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  • Try long line bras instead. More expensive, but much more supportive.

    • Eh, I'm trying to get away from all the underwires and squish and shaping and all that. I really want very minimal support, basically just enough to look like I'm wearing a bra. It's just that bra companies assume because I have bigger breasts I want a super "supportive" mess.

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    • You could get things tailored for you instead but again. Expensive.

    • Yeah, I just want to wear something cute and lacy, you know? Why is that so bad?

  • Have you tried AdoreMe?

    • No because there's no way to shop them without signing up and I'm not shopping on a website that won't even let me browse without a membership.

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    • That and I tried their quiz and the first question was like "lol I hate everything in that picture and the descriptions are stupid and those bras don't even fit the women wearing them."

    • Lol ok then. I tried. 😂😂

  • Aerie online has great choices for extended sizes and their bralettes are soso comfortable I can't get them off!

    • Not really seeing very much size variation on them? They only go up to DD and you have to go up to a medium just to get that.

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