Best way to react to girls' flirtatious looks.

Well in public I get a lot of looks from girls(pretty much I get checked out a lot, and they do that cute thing when they fix their hair lol), and I am just curious to what exactly girls are trying to tell me from these looks(besides that they are attracted to me). I also want to know how girls want a guy to react in that situation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • They are trying to tell you that they find you attractive and they want you to come over and talk to them. Girls don't make googly eyes, smile or play with their hair in front of guys they don't find appealing. Supposedly guys have a hard time with body language but we do too. Some guys will give off all the flirting signals and then walk away. That is so frustrating! Just go over and talk to them. If you strike out on getting a date the first few times, then at least you'll have more confidence in making the first move and it will be like second nature when you find the find the girl that says yes.


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