I believe women can look sexy in anything! Which means they they don't need to dress slutty to look hot... Do you agree?

I think women can look sexy in absolutely anything, be it slutty or silly!
Or 100% casual.
Anyone who thinks women can't look sexy without clothing meant to help is not the kind of guy a girl should date.

That's my opinion, anyway. What do you think?
I think women can even look hot in pjs pretty easily. lol


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  • I disagree. I don't have the annoying tendency to lie to myself or to other people.

    • That's nice, but does it have to do with this?

    • You asked if I agree. I told you I DISAGREE. WHAT THE FUCK. I don't care what you think as well!

    • Calm down. I simply didn't understand how saying that explains why you disagree. Your sentence didn't make sense to me. I'm trying to understand your opinion, not spit mine in your face.

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  • Any clothing they like if they have great feet then they get my vote lol

    • lol What if they're wearing something like tennis shoes? How well could you guess how hot their feet are?

    • Hmmmmm the ankles would be a clue and legs but prefer open toe or no shoes at all to be certain

  • Yeah, just a perfume girls attractive.. without speaking about wearing


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