What would you do?

you see an attractive girl that you would normally approach, but she's with a friend who happens to be unattractive.

- do you still approach her even though she's with a friend?

- if yes, would you completely ignore the friend since you aren't interested in her?

now pretend you're in the same situation, but you're with one of your friends (who also happens to find the one girl attractive and her friend unattractive)?

- would you guys approach the girls?

- if yes, would you ignore the unattractive girl?

the questions are just some prompts, so feel free to explain how you normally act in situations like the above.

girls are free to answer to. just change it to guys if you're straight.


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  • If I were alone I would absolutely approach a couple of girls and especially if one of them were unattractive. The key is to make them think that I have a good reason for approaching (maybe they have a purse that would look great attached to my sister and I wonder where they got it). Then I would talk to the more unattractive girl because

    A) Otherwise she would try to "help" the attractive girl by asking me to go away (also saving her ego)

    B) Attractive girls are approached to be hit on all the time and if I were to talk to her first she might use a line she perfected to make guys go away.

    Once the three of us are having fun I would switch gears and make sure that the attractive girl knew I was attracted to her and I would make my move (number or date if on the street). Due to the fact that we just had a polite and fun interaction she would obviously be fine with it.

    If with a friend the only difference would be that after the initial conversation I would have my friend talk to the less attractive girl while I talked to just the more attractive girl. (wingman strategy)

    This is actually a "strategy" that most guys employ. It is not necessarily what all of us do though. Often with younger men they do get distracted by just the more attractive girl and can spend all of their attention on her.

    • But what if both you and your friend are both attracted to the same girl? how do you decide who gets to go after her and who's gonna talk to the unattractive girl?

    • That's for the two guys to decide but the general rule is whoever saw them first get's the more attractive girl. Alternatively the guys can talk about it but there often isn't time to have a discussion.

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  • you need to slay the dragon to get the princess

  • yeah, I'll talk to both. it doesn't hurt having more friends, though obviously I'll have much more romantic interest in the attractive one, maintain a friendly environment first, then close in for the kill :3

    besides, if you only talk to the attractive one, its painfully obvious ur hitting on her, and she might not like that. plus you hurt the feelings of the other unattractive girl.

  • umm that's messed up. talk to them like you're interested in friendship and see what goes from there.

    • How's it messed up? it happens all the time.

    • Tell you what. you befriend the unattractive one and the attractive one will get jealous... that's how I heard it works anyway

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