Can you help me buy good makeup? (200$ budget)?

I want makeup products from A to Z. From brushes to eyeshadows to primer. I have used my sister's and my mum's makeup up until now so I would like you help me build a makeup kit with the maximum products you can incorporate. I would not consider myself as a beginner. I'm around nc 42 to 45 in Mac. For better understanding here's a picture of a model to whom I found my skin color resembled.

As for my preference. I love nudes as my eyeshadows, nude matte lipsticks and satins. I'd love to have instagram brows, a blinding highlight and cutting contour. I don't like blush that much. I have acne prone dry skin and would like a full coverage preferably matt finish. I would like to include maximum products from drugstore unless that high end product does absolute wonders.

A list of products along with the cost within my budget would be appreciated.
I live in India so if you know any site that ships internationally it would be great.

Thanks in advance xoCan you help me buy good makeup? (200$ budget)?


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  • Mascara: better than sex by too faced- a little pricey but so worth it!
    Liquid eyeliner: Stila (so amazing!)
    Eye liner: define a line by maybelline
    Brows: brow drama crayon by maybelline
    Highlighter: ambient hourglass
    Bronzer: wet n wild color icon
    Primer: photo Loving primer by Nyx
    Foundation: L'Oréal true match powder
    Drug store foundation: dream liquid mousse airbrush finish by maybelline (best foundation I've ever used)
    Liquid foundation from makeup store: Lancôme teint idole ultra 24 hour makeup (expensive but great)
    All brushes: real techniques by sam & nic or elf
    Eye shadows: naked 2 pallette by urban decay, anything by urban decay or too faced. Smash box is good too!
    Contour: Lancôme dual finish powder and foundation (I use it to contour)
    setting spray: Kat von B lock-it
    If you like nude lips, I highly recommend tarte's tarteist birthday suit color- it's gorgeous! Nyx has great lip glosses too! All in all, I highly recommend the dream mousse foundation, stila eyeliner, wet n wild bronzer, and the naked palette. All of these products are amazing, and most of them you can find at a drug store except the mascara, naked palette, Lancôme foundation, and stila eye liner. Other than those, all the products are cheap and easy! Even the Stila eyeliner is relatively cheap at 21 dollars in the US. Message me if you want more options, I know my stuff :) my mom is a makeup artist. Hope I helped!


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  • I say you're wasting your money with primer...
    Unless you want to use eyeshadow every day - then buy eyeshadow primer, but that's it.

    Buy a good mascara, blending brush (for eyeshadow) and stippling brush (for foundation/tinted moisturizer), a good tinted moisturizer (I recommend Laure Mercier), a nice blush (Illamasqua - cream will blend better), a nice concealer (Bobbi Brown corrector) and highlighter (Becca shimmering skin perfector).

    Lip products you can get from L'Oreal or Manhattan or Maybeline... but my favorite is Catrice - very affordable, but also very nice quality.


    P. S.
    If you don't use some of these like highlighter or blush, then bypass them and get them only when you feel like you'll want to use them consistently.
    Good luck!


  • I don't know the prices or the particular shades, but all my make up is drugstore as I'm not rich lol.
    Fit Me from Maybelline has a great range of colors and the matte+poreless type has nice, medium coverage. It also is less likely to oxidize on your skin.
    I'm using color stay from revlon atvthe moment. It has great coverage and a nice, matte finish.
    For brows, are you able to get them waxed intp shape? This is what I do. Then, I just use an angled brush and an eyeshadow to fill them in.
    Australis makes a good contour pallete but I'm not sure if it's available in your country but it comes with a nice highlight and contour powder.
    For a setting powder dry elfs high definition powder.
    Eyeliner depends on what type you're comfortable with, but maybelline also makes an awesome gel liner and a great felt/liquid called precision liner I think. I like gel for my waterline and liquid for anything else. I'm using loreals superstar liner now.
    Mascara depends on your lashes. Are you after volume or length? I LOVE loreals manga eyes mascara. Before that, maybelline's colossal leather look is pretty awesome.
    I never really wear lipstick so I can't help you there.

  • Primer- Matte primer from nyx
    Foundation- conceal + perfect 2 in 1 by Milani
    Concealer- concealer in jar from nyx
    liquid concealer- fit me concealer from Maybelline
    pressed powder- hd translucent from nyx
    loose powder- luxury banana powder from makeup revolution
    bronzer- baked bronzer from Milani or the matter bronzer from nyx, stick contour from kiko
    blush- baked blush from Milani
    higjlighter- vivid baked from makeup revolution or the palette solstice from sleek
    setting spray- matte finish from nyx
    eye primer- eyeshadow base from Milani or use your concealer works really well
    eyeliner- matte eyeliner from nyx
    eye pencil- master drama from Maybelline
    mascara- lash sensational from Maybelline or better than sex from too faced
    eyeshadow palette- naked ultimate basics from urban decay (on the pricier side but so worth it!!)
    eyebrow pencil- microbrow from nyx
    eyebrow pomade- the little ones from makeup freedom or makeup revolution
    eyebrow powder- eyebrow cake powder from nyx
    eyebrow fixer- lash and brows from essence
    lip products I would recommend you buy from nyx they have the perfect nudes and are not that expensive

  • So your best bet is searching for dupes/duplicates of the more pricey products you do like. I find if your're on a budget or you just dont want to spend all this money on makeup like me, use certain brands for specific things. Essentially, for mascara, I currently use the Maybelline define-a-lash because its close to the Benefit they're real (which is unbelievable). I barely use eye shadows, but Color-pop has a variety of colors and formulas and they're always having sales. Makeup revolution is also great because they have huge pallets for relatively cheap prices, I have yet to try their eye shadows, but I have their blush and its beautiful and a great formula. For lips, anything by NYX does the trick, especially their lip liners; very creamy and the colors are beautiful, they also do very nice eyeliners (the pencil kind).. I've tried a NYX black liquid liner and I want a fan, so stick to the pencils lol. I can't really recommend foundations/cc creams because I have yet to find one that I find phenomenal.

  • You probably don't want to hear this but you honestly don't need makeup... you're incredibly pretty and that is the look people are used to... You could wear some mascara and stuff but if you wear too much they will "forget" your natural beauty or start saying you look different without makeup 😅 you are so pretty embrace it

  • colorpop has a lot of good liquid lipsticks, many people recommend maybelliene fit me foundation or the l'oréal tru match glow, milani or elf are good for blushes, and highlighter the anastasia glow palettes or more bang for your buck tbh. you get 6 shades for $45? and for eyeshadow, color pop is really good as well.

  • I use a lot of make up revolution and freedom. You can watch some youtube videos like this:
    So you can see how it looks and how it works.

  • Try out Milani foundation or NARS Sheer Glow foundation.
    -LA girl pro concealer or Tarte Concealer
    -Maybelline fit me or Urban Decay Powder
    -Best Brushes in the game are Morphe love them ❤️
    I'm a big collector of makeup and also do people's makeup. I hope this helped

  • Josie maran makes a really great primer. It goes on smooth and leaves skin feeling and looking flawless. Give it a try! I think it's around 40 at Sephora

  • get laura mercier setting powder, you'll thank me later 💕

  • on mother's day most shops have a sale on makeups, you should look for brands and see if they do a sale.

  • Sally beauty supply for brushes. Ultra for any makeup. Their membership is free and you get 3.50 of $10 plus there's a point system for more rewards

  • try ebay or amazon i rather amazon because you cna get prime unlike ebay

  • Two words- Estée Lauder

  • L'Oréal has great stuff if you're on a budget.

  • Look up Michelle Pham 20$ makeup challenge

  • I recommend basically anything from benefit.

  • I get a lot of bang for my buck with drug-store level items. But there are certain effects you will want expensive make-up for.

    I tend to think the best thing to splurge on is quality concealer, foundation and powder, especially if you have sensitive skin.

    India is really hot a lot of the time though - and some elaborate make-up is just not going to hold up, no matter what you spend on it. For hotter climates I think BB Cream, instead of foundation and powder, work better, and I use BB cream a lot in the summer here in California.

    Shisedo makes some great products for wear in hotter climates.

  • I'm a low key cheapskate when it comes to makeup lol. I'm the kind of girl that thinks there are many drugstore dupes to high end makeup and it is true!

    Brushes: ELF, Morphe and Coastal Scents. LOreal has low cost blending sponges.

    Primer: I still have yet to find a good drugstore primer. Many simply don't work for me. I recommend looking into NYX since a lot of people have positive reviews on them. Also, high end primers usually have travel size primers for $10-$15. You don't need a lot so they last a little while.

    Foundation: Maybelline Fit Me, Revlon Colorstay, L'Oréal True Match, L'Oréal Infallible Pro Matte and Pro Glow. All under $15 and work great.

    Concealer: Revlon True Match Concealer and LA Girl Pro Concealer.

    Setting Powder: There are so many good ones in drugstore.

    Contour: There are so many contour kits out there in drugstore. NYX has good ones.

    Highlighters: Makeup Revolution and NYX have good ones.

    Lips: NYX and Colourpop have great options! There lip products are usually $6-$8.

    Eyeshadow: Coastal Scents has hot pot eyeshadows. They usually have 99 cents sales on them. You can customize your own pallets. Morphe has high quality low cost palettes as well.

    Also look into videos about being on a budget and affordable makeup looks for inspiration! Plus it wouldn't be a bad idea to subscribe to makeup websites for deals.


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