So sometime around end of middle school/freshmen high school, I grew 6-7 inches in about a years time. Because of that, I got some pretty mean stretch marks around my arms and legs. Fast forward several years, and the college weight gain hit, and it hit hard. I wasn't active in school, so it just accumulated and then they came: the dreaded stomach stretch marks.

Of course, getting to that point I drastically cut back on the junk, and a few months ago I hit the gym hard and started running on the days not doing weights. So now I'm quickly getting back in shape and yet I still have these stretch marks that I am super aware of, and are so noticeable as I am Hawaiian and tan easily while stretch mark skin does not tan.

My question is, what would you think about a guy who is very fit but had stretch marks right on his stomach? Are they something that might sway your decision about their overall attractiveness? And I know I could easily google it, but if you feel like it, do you have any tested product or method to reduce/eliminate them?


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  • First off, let me begin by saying when being attracted to someone there are so many factors at play and some that you can't explain or even be aware of.

    Second, I know its cliche and everyone says it but personality/inside person > looks.

    Third, I want to applaud you for stepping up and losing weight to get healthy! Good job! To me, stretch marks are not bad at all, I truly don't care, and it wouldn't sway me either way. I wouldn't be like, oh this dude is attractive...but GAH STRETCH MARKS. No way haha. SO many people have them.

    Truly, they just fade with time, but I haven't tried any product but I don't think anything really works. Just worry about other things. =]


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  • well... you can get 'strivectin for stretch marks' they sell it a gnc, its kind of expensive BUT if you use it religiously like the directions say it does wonders.. iv been using it.. unfortunatly not like the directions say but its still done a damn good job :D

    but I personally wouldn't mind stretchies, I just know what its like to have them damn things and it really blows

  • ddont worry abooutt itt


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