Tips for long hair?

does anybody has tips for how to care for long hair? sometimes it is really dry, but the roots get grays easily so I wash it everyday with a silicone free shampoo and is not dyed and I hardly use a a flat iron...

thank you all your tips work really well! =D


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  • in addition to what the other person said -

    1) don't blow dry if you can avoid it - the hair dryer fries hair and if you can let it dry naturally, or at least part of the way naturally, then do

    2) use a heat protector spray when you do blow dry or flat iron

    3) deep condition once a week before you go to bed. you can buy a deep conditioning product, or mix some olive oil with conditioner and let it sit on the last few inches of your hair for 10-30 minutes, then rinse it out, then sleep and shower in the morning.

    4) get regular trims to get rid of the frayed ends


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  • try not to wash it everyday because it strips it of its natural oils. my hair is about 2 inches below my chest and I haven't got it cut in a while, but it's very healthy and never gets split ends or anything like that. I use tressemme, which I believe is the reason it is in such good shape.

  • stop washing with shampoo every day. Shampoo every other day, and condition every day. Your hair needs the natural oils it produces to keep it healthy and soft. keep it pulled back (loosely) to avoid knots and brush it regularly to keep out dirt, knots and to get all those natural oils to the ends of your hair.

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  • My hair is getting pass my cheset now so it's pretty dang long.

    What I do, and it seems to be working fairly well, I do it in this routine:

    Day 1: Shampoo or those two in one shampoo and conditioner

    Day 2: Conditioner only

    Day 3: Bath/Or I just wash my hair without anything

    I don't blow dry my hair after, I just let it dry. I haven't be getting any slip ends or knots in my hair so this routine is working fairly well.

  • use deep conditioner every once in a while to really moisturize it