What's your thoughts on your husband being or going bald?

I was having a conversation with a lady friend of mine and the topic of men going bald came up. She stated she might divorce her husbamd if he goes bald (im sure it's just a statement). It got me thinking so I asked few more female friends of mine. All of them are quite disgusted by the idea of balding man (again It's just talk. Nothing against any bald man). When 50% male runs the risk of going bald by 50 years of age don't you think being bald shouldn't be seen in negetive light. What's your thought?

ps: I'm not bald.
ps2 : I swear I'm not.


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  • My ex was receding at a young age so he shaved his head so essentially he had a bald head from shaving it.

    It bothered him allot! I'm pretty sure he didn't get many matches on tinder either.

    Like your post says most girls aren't into balding shaved heads.

    • There is a huge stress related to going bald and it affects personal, professional and social life.

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    • Exactly. But it is very hard to accept. Thinning out hair gives serious confidence issues.

    • We ALL have confidence issues though and a lot we can't change. So we have to accept them. There are a lot worse than being bald too.

      You can't let what others think of you get you down. If your a good person fuck what others think of your outer appearance.

      No one is perfect!

  • excessive masturbation and poor diet or just bad genes

    • Later two yes but first one I'm not sure have scientific backing.

    • If you don't have superior genes, then you have literally fucked your self over

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