What do you think about tapered pants?

They are like skinny jeans for men but way more comfortable. I personally like them, 98% of the pants I currently wear are slim tapered. They are regular on the top and kind of tight on the shins and ankles.
What do you think about tapered pants?What do you think about tapered pants?

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  • I didn't look where you live, in Europe it is totally the norm for guys and girls to wear form fitting skinny Jeans / tapered pants, or jeggins / leggings. I wear them too and my girlfriend loves them on me, we as Guys work hard on how we look too, why should we cover our figure up with baggy clothes when we are proud of it too :) & that is my.02 Cents ;)


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  • As long as while you're wearing them you don't take up more than one space on public transport, I don't particularly care what you're wearing.

  • I don't have a problem with them, but the pants in the pic do look like skinny jeans to me.

  • I think they are a hot trend.


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